7 steps for a successful Instagram account

As a social channel that gathers more than 700 million monthly users, Instagram is an excellent source of inspiration and motivation. Therefore, your business needs to be active there as well. It is a great marketing platform for reaching potential customers from all over the world. After all, the more people get in touch with your brand and follow you on Instagram, the larger the audience you can potentially reach every time you post.

Here are some strategies to help you grow your Instagram account:

1. Right message

Being creative and original is the best way to gain the attention of any potential follower. Be creative and interesting to your users and use appropriate images.

2. Show that you care

If someone takes the time to leave a comment under one of your posts, take two seconds to respond and thank them. This simple gesture of attention will help you create a loyal customer as well as an experienced promoter of your brand.

Engaging with your followers will show them that you care about them and their opinions. It's also a great way to get your followers to interact with your posts. For example, "Tag a friend who would like this." In this way, you will quickly be able to place your brand in front of a wider audience and attract new followers.

3. Cross-promotion of the brand

Find accounts that do similar things to yours. For example, if you are building a fashion brand, find other bloggers with a similar audience and promote each other. If you both have 1,000 followers, the goal is to reach 5,000 followers. Then you can find another partner.

4. Do not overload your audience

Although you want to publish often enough so that your brand is displayed continuously, quite often this would lead to an anti-effect and eventually your followers will gradually start to stop following you.

There is no magic publishing formula that works for every brand. You need to test and see how your audience responds. For starters, you can start with posts twice a day. Then start experimenting with more and fewer posts per day, paying attention to commitment.

5. Hashtags

Creating and adding interesting hashtags is a great way to create instant engagement as long as you use them the right way.

6. Focus on just one topic

Choose a theme for your account, focus on it, and don't confuse it with others. If your Instagram is for fashion, photos of other things far from it will not attract more people.

7. Add beautiful photos

Beautiful photos or videos are a great way to engage your audience. Try to make each of your posts unique and memorable.
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