The new modern website of Aquajet is now live!

Aquajet is a company with 30 years of experience in the industrial sector, representing leading European industrial companies.

The company offers a wide variety of high-quality industrial equipment.

We are pleased that in recent months we have had the opportunity to work together to build their completely updated website, which will give a whole new look at the company and the products and services offered.

During the years, the company has had different corporate visions.

With the redesign of the website, we wanted to start a new, minimalist and modern look that directly meets the everyday needs of future and current customers of the company. For this purpose, together with our marketing team and the team of Headway Technologies, we carefully coordinated each element and functionality of the project to achieve our goals.

We relied on a clean business look, combined with the company's corporate vision.

From the beginning of the website, the user has the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the company's products through the dynamic HTML5 slider, as well as to make a quick contact through the convenient and fast contact form.

Going through the home page, the company's customers can easily find out about the services offered through the service rotator, as well as easily get acquainted with the product range through the convenient Multi-Category Product Rotator module. Unless, of course, they want to search on their own, the functional Ajax product search engine displays results after filling in a few characters so that the customer can find the product they are looking for in seconds.

In addition, to make the website even more convenient for its future and current customers, we have added a pop-up form for quick inquiries.

Of course, we can not pay special attention to the main pages of the project.

Thanks to the impressive menu, the company's customers can find the desired products with the first click, without being lost in the entire range offered.

With customer care, we have built the product part of the website in a clean, minimalist vision, complemented by exclusive functional elements, from the team of Headway Technologies.

In the product part of the website, thanks to the functional structuring of the technical specifications of each product category, as well as the fast and interactive access to the product applications (via the pop-up video), the customer has the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the work of each product.

Going through the wide range of products offered, without going to an internal page, the customer can view the product specifications with one click, as well as to make a quick inquiry.

The whole set of impressive interactive functionalities and user-friendly interface are available to the company's customers at any time on various mobile devices, through the convenient, responsive design.

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